Saturday, January 09, 2021

Are we in an endgame?

 I've read enough history to see what's about to happen in the United States if this fraud stands.

I've also seen Donald Trump be a couple of moves ahead of these dullards occupying seats once held by far better men, for years, running rings around them.  He has multiple Trump cards, all the time.  He may yet have another Trump card.

I am reminded of the Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times".  What I have witnessed over the last year has been absolutely transparent to me all along.  Covid, Murder Hornets FFS, the anti-police riots in cities all over the US and even spreading into England and Canada.  And then the travesty in November, which has every mathematician and accountant in the world up in arms.

We all know the next ten days are going to be some of the most dangerous of our lives.  Everything is up in the air.  The behavior of the Left has gone from irritating to annoying to downright totalitarian.  I don't know how long I'll be able to speak.  I've been censored multiple times on Facebook; I'm closing my FB account as I write this, just downloading my photos. Eff'em.

It's like the Left in the USA has decided this is it, they're all in.  They're going to destroy the USA.  That's the goal.  After that, it's a one-world communist government.  There will be no escape, unless Elon Musk manages to pull off a miracle, and he may not have enough time.

Democracy is done.  Oh, they may allow the population the illusion that they get to decide anything, but it no longer matters how the population votes.  They heeded Stalin's advice, and now there will never be another fair election.  They can just stuff the ballot boxes.  And that's not just in the USA.  That's everywhere in the world.  No incumbent need ever worry about retaining their seat, no matter what the public thinks of them.  Now the politicians serve different masters; the constituents are irrelevant.

The fat lady is warming up her pipes, but she hasn't started singing yet.  If nothing happens between now and the inauguration and the fraud stands, then God help us all.  At best - at best - it would be a civil war in the USA.  That's the best-case scenario.  The scenarios get worse from there: either a world war or the entire population of the world enslaved (except for a new aristocracy, of course).

And if Trump does have a trump card?  The best case scenario is slightly better, but it could slide into civil war anyway.  The best case scenario if he's got a Trump card is that there would be some public trials of a whole bunch of senior officials - of both parties.

And yeah, that could lead to civil war too.  But it's probably the only way to avoid it at this point.  The soap box is gone, the ballot box is gone, the jury box may be gone - when all peaceable means of resolving political conflict are exhausted, only one box remains.

Of course, I don't have some sort of special powers to see what's coming.  I've studied history, lots of it, and certain parallels are hard to ignore. But I'm not the only one who can see what's coming - that's why ammunition sales were through the roof in 2020.  While the Left was burning down their own cities this summer, the Right was arming itself and spending time practicing at the gun range.

This is one thing that makes the worst-case scenario anything but inevitable.  Americans are used to freedom, but not many have had to experience life without it or had to fight to keep it.  But they will, and they will.